Valerie Simons, D.S.S.

Welcome to my Website.

I’m posting the Table of Contents to my self-help manual that will be available soon.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy (which will probably be in the form of a workshop to begin with) then you can subscribe to my email mailing list and I will send you updates.

For those of you who are not familiar with my work (until now I have taken clients by referral only) and are interested in consulting with me on any of the contents shown in this list, let me tell you a little about my work.

I’m stating up front that I have had no medical training whatsoever and I will never interfere with what your medical practitioner is doing for you.  I’m an Intuitive and rely entirely on God’s grace for the clearings that take place and for the information that comes forward in my sessions.

I believe we all have what we need inside of us to overcome anything in our lives.

My contribution is to assist people through bringing a greater awareness to their life’s journey so they can fully realize their own solutions, opportunities and potential of living life from a place of greater physical well-being and in a more positive and purposeful way.

With spiritual assistance, if we look and explore together with love, honor and sincerity (even humor), there is always a solution to life’s dilemmas and challenges.

This Table of Contents lists most of the areas my work has covered with clients over the past 28 years.

In Love, Light & Laughter,
Dr. Valerie Simons, DSS

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